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Over a couple of months, the Military Support Foundation has taken on the task of helping Ukrainians as well as the soldiers stationed in Poland who are currently taking in refugees. With your help, we will be able to ensure that these incredibly resilient people have the proper equipment/supplies to keep themselves and others safe.  


The Military Support Foundation has been fortunate enough to be able to directly help those in need in Ukraine. This is through direct contact with one of the Chaplin that is risking his life every day to help his fellow people. To the right is a video of him receiving a small portion of all of the supplies that we have been able to send. 

Military Supplies 

Military Support Foundation is proud to say that we have been able to supply $30,000 worth of military supplies to the Polish and Ukrainian Army. 

soldier with gun.jpeg


Military Support Foundation has been fortunate to be able to get 1 Pallet of medical supplies to those who need it most in Ukraine. 

Prescription Medication

baby products 

Military Support Foundation has even sent one pallet of baby products to those with children within Ukraine. 



Military Support Foundation has three pallets of food to Ukrainian refugees who are in dire need of any food that they can get. 



Military Support Foundation has even been able to send 1 pellet of winter wear clothing to Ukraine.


Refugee supplies

Military Support Foundation has been abel to send other misoulanious things such as children's games and what ever out contacts say that they need most!  

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